Della’s Information Trading Outpost (DITO)

Eggies World
Jul 19 · 3 min read
For those that seek knowledge the D.I.T.O can be found on the edge of the Desert

The toughest fighters may hold all the power in Eggies World but those with the most information come a close second.

Where the Sand Dunes meet the Lava River there are a cluster of tents, providing all the necessities needed before brave adventurers head out to discover the ancient wisdom hidden beneath the desert sands.

Between Rhea’s Accessories, a stall selling a bazaar collection of wearables that bestow special effects on their wearers, and Dem’s Diggers, where travelers can buy all they need to explore the more hostile landscapes…is probably Eggies World’s worst kept secret: The DITO.


The DITO is where all the secrets and stories of Eggies World are contained within the mind of one Human. He will trade for ORBZ, weapons or Lava Juice…but he mainly prefers to trade for more Information. All arrive hopeful and none leave disappointed.

Current Information offered….

DellaP: Information Trader


Getting Started — Quick Guide

Getting Started — Extended Guide

A Guide to EGGs — the Eggies World Playing tokens

How to get Tron Tokens to feed your Monster (Deactivated)

Meet the Team (Deactivated)

EGGUITY — Invest in the Game (Deactivated)


Wallet and Log In Overview

PK Log-in

Tronwallet for Mobile— Extended

Tronlink for PC— Extended

Game Play

Hatching your Buddy

Rewards — How to make the most of the game

Feeding & Training — How to Improve those Stats

Battling — How to Attack and Aid

Attacks & Aids — An Overview

Healing — Current List

Attacks — Current List

Buffs — Current List

DeBuffs — Current List

Stats — How to raise a Monster

Roles & Nature (Deactivated)

Emotes- How to talk to fellow Players

Life Span — How to keep your Monster Healthy

What happens when a Monster Dies

In-Game Features

ORBZ — the Eggies World in-game token

ZEZEEGG — Hatches SEER and Gives you double ORBZ

Professor Eggies Hideout — Full of Interesting Items to Trade

The LAB and the 9 LAB EGGs

Items in Eggies World ((Deactivated)

Tick Tock — What’s a Tick?

Mini Games

King Of The Hill (KOTH) (Deactivated)

The Eggies World Ice Journals — From SubZero’s Speakeasy

Professor Eggies Welcomes You

Professor Eggies and The Stowaway

Monsters: The Army of The 21

The Vassal Corporation

Human Civilians & Off-Worlders of Eggies World

Plants and Minerals — Recent Discoveries (Deactivated)

Birds and Insects — Recent Discoveries (Deactivated)

Eggies World Partners

The Partner EGGs of Eggies World

The Partner Food Tokens of Eggies World

The Partner Items of Eggies World

Eggies World is a game based on the Tron Blockchain. Want to Know More?

Open Beta Launch: End Feb 2019



To buy a ZEZEEGG: How to Guide: Coming Zoon



Seed Germinator:

Eggies World

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Hatch and Raise your own Monster in this Online Game based on the Tron (TRX) Blockchain.

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