Hi there and thank you for stopping by. My name is Daryl. I am a technology, car and food fan (or addict, depends on who you ask). Eggs & Apple is my tiny corner of the internet.

As a teenager, I had a paper diary in which I captured my most intimate thoughts, dreams, aspirations and my opinions on the things that mattered to me. I as I have grown older (and hopefully wiser), these thoughts and opinions have evolved. There were (and still are) instances that I have felt very strongly about and I have shared these opinions with friends and family. Over the years, I have earned the reputation amongst family, friends and co-workers as the tech-guy/ tech-support or the X fan-boy. This therefore is the digital evolution of my diary, a digital album in which I will record my thoughts, feelings and opinions on all the things and subjects that I like. I hope that you like it and enjoy reading (and contributing to) as much as I do creating.

I work in Learning & development for a technology company. We do not make a physical product per-say, but we use existing technology from the usual suspects (Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.) and one of my many responsibilities is simplifying technology and showing people how to sell and use technology to improve and simplify their lives. And that leads to another reason for creating this site.

There are a lot of sites and blogs dedicated to technology analysis. I enjoy reading many of them and I appreciate the fine work that many of them do. I do however have a problem with the way many of them comment on technology. I feel as an everyday user of technology that many of the writers forget what is important in a product review. Many of them focus on features and functions that regular users don’t care or know about. While speeds and feeds are important and sometimes even necessary, I get the feeling that many (a lot actually), overlook the experience that the raw specification is supposed to enable. A quad-core or an oct-core processor is important, but is it more important if a side-effect of that processor is a phone or tablet that gets really hot after a few minutes of game-play or if it kills your battery after a few short hours of use (or non-use)?

There is also the issue of “Support”. Is the level of service and support during the pre and post-sales process important in the ownership experience? Should the megapixel of a camera on a phone be more important than getting your camera serviced within a reasonable amount of time at a location that is relatively close to your place of work or residence? I think they are extremely important.

Another pet-peeve; “recommendations”. Why can’t many of these sites, after spilling digital ink to write thousands of words reviewing a device, come out and either recommend the device as a “Buy” or “Skip”? Could it be because they are afraid of getting blacklisted by the respective OEMs from reviewing future devices, or could it be that they are worried about alienating a percentage of their readers who may be fans of the specific platform or manufacturer?

I intend to review devices and offer MY opinion and MY recommendation as to whether you should spend your hard-earned money on said device or service. Unlike the majority of the writers on the major blogs who use multiple phones/ tablets/ computers, etc,, the regular everyday technology user can only afford one device and wants to make sure that the device they endorse with their money is the “best” for them for whatever task they need it for.

I am and have always been fascinated by technology, its ability as well as its promise to make our lives a little bit better. Advancements in science and technology are enabling many people to live longer and healthier lives. While devices like smartphones have killed off stand-alone products like GPS devices and MP3 players, they have ushered in new features and functionalities like live-traffic enabled GPS functionality, geo-tagging and instantaneous sharing of memories captured with the camera. The future of technology is bright and I for one can’t wait.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this.

Originally published at www.eggsandapple.net on August 4, 2015.