British Man Stranded Abroad in Women’s Clothing After Taking Lost Luggage Challenge

A British traveller became a hit on the streets of Barcelona last week, after he toured the city in women’s clothing. Macca Sherifi, from London, was challenged by Expedia to take only an unopened suitcase from a lost luggage auction on his travels. Initial reports suggest that Macca ‘had a wonderful time’. You can watch his exploits in a short film here:

Check Macca’s adventures on social media following#mysteryluggage hashtag:

The suitcase contained some lovely outfits including a blue and pink floral patterned dress, a lacy white blouse and a purple bikini. Macca visited some of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona wearing the contents of the case, including La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and Parc Güell. But the intricate designs and outlines of Barcelona were no match for his colourful attire.

Macca, travel blog creator from A Brit and a Broad, said: “I have to admit that the first time I saw the Gaudi cathedral, I didn’t expect to be wearing a dress. But, strangely, after walking around the city being called a beautiful woman and getting wolf whistles I began to feel very comfortable.”

Not only did Macca have somebody else’s luggage, he had somebody else’s holiday destination too. He didn’t know where he would be going until he turned up at the airport.

The mystery luggage challenge is the latest in a series of adventures he has undertaken as creator of popular travel website A Brit and a Broad.

Macca couldn’t leave Barcelona without stopping off at Barceloneta beach for a spot of sunbathing in his bikini. His final comments were, “It turns out going on somebody else’s holiday can be an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see where it takes me to next!”

Alex Platts, Commercial Director of Northern Europe, for Expedia commented: “Expedia’s mystery luggage challenge is all about the spirit of adventure. We all say we want to see new places and experience new things, but how far are we willing to go? Macca has clearly proved that you can have a great time on somebody else’s holiday.”

Surprising Lost Luggage Facts

· Among the strangest things found in auctioned luggage are priceless Egyptian artefacts, a live rattlesnake, a naval guidance system and a bag of 40 vacuum packed frogs.

· On average 6.5 bags per thousand travellers were mishandled in 2015, according to a recent SITA study from 2016.

· 66% of UK travellers said that checked baggage fees impact the way that they pack for their trip.

· Just under half of British travellers (42%) said that they would only bring a small carry-on suitcase if travelling for less than 7 days.

About Macca Sherifi:

Macca Sherifi is an author, blogger and photographer from London. His Travel Video Blog, A Brit and a Broad, explores the alternative side of travelling in destinations all over the world.