Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals course

I’ve finished a Coursera GCP Fundamentals course and have an opinion to share.

During the last year, I’ve learned a thing or two about the Google Cloud Platform. The main source for me was a GCP podcast, which I would recommend to subscribe to. Yesterday I’ve recieved a promo voucher to try the courcera course for the GCP newcomers.

If you are new to the Google Cloud — the course is one of the best starting points. You will learn about the products available on GCP, the use cases for each of them, hence you will know which one is the most suitable in your case.

Besides that you will have some practical tasks. Creating a VM, Kubernetes cluster or an App Engine deployment won’t be a chalenge for you anymore.

The course is rather short, so you will get the fundamental knowledge of the GCP without blowing up your mind with a bloated content.

Generally would recommend to the newcommers.