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I chose to visit the web site of The New York Times. The newspaper has a colorful and elaborate site.

Having spend less than one minute on the site, it was understandable what kind of news this newspaper publishes. Even before visiting the web site, I knew that it’s a broadsheet, and the web site suites the newspaper. You can easily choose what kind of news you want to read, because the web site gives quite big choice of sections. For example: World News, U.S. News, Politics, Business and so on. Even sport news are presented. Having mount of information on the site, not all the information is available for free, editorial and special journalist features would be available after paying subscription, but the newspaper gives the new subscribers pretty good sale, specifically, it’s 50 % sale for the first year.

I found this web site really appealing, and I even downloaded an attachment where I could read the news from the site. The New York Times always provides brilliant content and fortunately I don’t have to travel to the USA to read The Times.

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