An Open Letter to Z, My Second Boyfriend

Hey there. . .

I’m just gonna lay it all out in the open.

I miss you. Oh, I miss you.

But let me set one thing straight. I don’t miss you being my boyfriend.

I miss my best friend.

The one that I talked to all the time. That I could tell almost anything to. That could make me laugh. That had a completely different perspective on the things I was dealing with.

I miss what I thought we were.

I don’t miss the anxiety I felt whenever I was late texting you.

I don’t miss feeling bad every time I hung out with a guy friend and didn’t want to text you.

I don’t miss my heart stopping every time you said you had a question for me.

I don’t miss the manipulation.

The heartbreak.

The mental and emotional abuse.

And while I realize that what I did to you was wrong, you weren’t as fresh as a daisy yourself.

I hope you’ve realized that.

I hope you’ve moved on.

I hope you find someone who’s good for you.

I hope you treat her well.

I hope you find your housewife.

I’m glad it wasn’t me.

I hope you find Jesus again. You need Him. We all do.

I’m praying for you. I wish you were still in my life but I’m glad you aren’t.



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