VidCon Debrief

A shameful capitulation to a ruthless, manipulative, and for a lack of a better term: *vile* human being (referring to Anita Sarkessian [obviously]); there’s no reason to blindly accept her baseless accusations of harassment, nor capitulate to her nonsensical claims of abuse. Carl, aka Sargon of Akkad, did nothing wrong and in turn has been targeted, harassed, called a “garbage person” and a “shithead”, and VidCon management has opted to condemn the victim in this particular circumstance. This is not “understandable”, this is a clear open and shut case and you have opted to take the position of dishonesty about to push her narrative for reasons I can’t grasp at the time of writing this response (and crafting the script for my personal YouTube video to be uploaded as soon as I am able).

Sargon has never been rude or hurtful to Anita, in fact I’d argue he’s probably the most respectful of those who have given criticism, given the volume of (justified) criticism Anita receives.

This is either nonsense or the line of reasoning is beyond my understanding. The author and/or VidCon management is welcome to contact me on Twitter or email me at in order to explain the circumstances or reasoning I have not yet understood, if this is done before my video is uploaded I’ll be happy to include it in the video itself and respond accordingly.

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