How The 10 start ups redefining Italian fashion are winning

Recently I stumbled on an article by forbs contributor Declan Eytan, he talked about 10 start up redefining Italian fashion, it caught my attention because the title gives me an idea of a disruption and I love the idea of causing a disruption in an industry. In the article he talked about the new Italian fashion brands redefining the Italian fashion industry by establishing a new creative direction.

My opinion is that Italian fashion industry has never starved of creativity, it is one of the ingredients of what ‘made in Italy’ is about. The reason why Italian fashion industry is somewhat not progressive is the fact that a lot of them operate and market like it is 1980, they are too romantic with the way they do business like its 40 years ago, they refuse to move with market and that is the reason a lot of Italian brands are going out of business on the other hand the start ups redefining the industry are smart because there are OPERATING and Marketing in the YEAR we actually live in which is the INTERNET and the SOCIAL MEDIA within it.

Attention is the assert and the internet owns it and let me quickly add this, before any brand or a marketer sells anything to you he needs your ATTENTION and brands that are winning are those that are telling story in places where there is ATTENTION. These brands realize that the internet is the greatest culture shift since the printing press and they have utilize it in increasing sales and increasing brand awareness also the internet has become a great tool in which successful brands use in giving value to their audience which has then reciprocate their audience buying from there.

I hope a lot of Italian fashion brands realize that being too romantic about the way you run your business and refusing to be practitioner in the market by paying attention to how marketing is done RIGHT NOW so that you don’t build yourself for failure, and you know what, the market don’t care if you are Gucci or Prada, if you don’t tell stories in places where there is attention you lose.

So I think Italian fashion industry should start seeing themselves as a media company by creating content that brings value to their audience which will then guilt them into doing business with them and the good news is that it is almost free with good ROI.

I am launching a series on Italian fashion brands that have strong online presence and how they are using social media in driving sales and increasing brand awareness.

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