A war on ignorance, we have a lead!

War a prerequisite to peace, is a debatable philosophy but the aftermath of such activities definitely disrupts the human development, and over the past decades various areas of FATA including Bajaur Agency and Waziristan, have become the hotspot for national and international conflicts, leaving these areas barren of social development; no developed schools or hospitals can be observed, other than the health and education camps setup by Army.
 In 2016 Taliban attack on a village in Bajour Agency uprooted the education system, demolishing schools and disrupting the learning ecosystem, however Pakistan Army was successful in gaining control of the region but the damage done to the education system needed critical efforts and input from the social development organization around the globe, to restore balance.

Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education (PISE) planned to run a month long campaign in the area, helping implement an immediate system to sustain education, and then work towards long term development by working on an education policy for the FATA region.

PISE is a youth lead organization, operating in rural areas of Pakistan since past 4 years; its international body of members is behind crafting some of the most innovative projects in Pakistan, from distributing school bags made from recycled posters, to conducting Human Centered Design workshops sponsored by International Design and Innovation Network (IDIN) of MIT.

PISE aims to refurbish the school restored by Army in Bajaur Agency and Waziristan, and to equip it with computers to transform it from a building of bricks and walls into a center for innovation and learning. The project also seeks to conduct various workshops with the children and help them develop mindset open to learning and eager to elevate their quality of life through education.

The project is seeking support from all over the world, in an effort to stand up in the fight against terrorism by taking quick and steady actions to restore balance in areas of conflict. This project will not just be a sign to show our determination for positive change but also a message to the militants that no matter how hard they strike we will stand up and continue our fight against terrorism and against ignorance!