Educate to Empower

Pakistan is the second largest country having out of school children population. Most of these children are either dropped out because of certain unavoidable reasons or have never been to school. In Pakistan total 25 million children age 5 to 16 years are out of school, and according to PSLM, 70% of them have never been to school among these, 57% are living in rural areas. These figures shows that access is a serious pertinent challenge in Pakistan.
Where it shows an alarming situation, there is shows that there is an enormous amount of possible opportunities exist in the field of technology which can play a crucial role to bridge the gap between those who are unable to obtain education facilities –their basic right.
Amid of problems, technology brought solutions to number of challenges. One of the beauty of technology is that you can always graft traditional knowledge learning system. When traditional knowledge and technology works together, this can definitely bring a revolution and can solve answers to those challenges which are still unsolved. Different technologies have different options and these can be easily maximized. A little innovative use of technology can spark miracles. Mobile classes through mobile phones, mobile schools, remote classrooms, tele education centers are just name of few. Around the globe there are number of avenues which are already making their ways around the globe for undeserved, to optimize the impact we just have to connect pieces, we need to connect points together for the better use of technology for those who are deprived. “School in Cell Phone” or “School in a Tab” or “School in a Laptop” or “School in Van” are just few names which can benefits millions of children living in hard to reach areas.