He was a dreamer from the mountains

He was born in one of the starkest, remotest, and most underprivileged (in its time) places in Pakistan — even the world: in a village in the Karakorams. It is a place where, to this day, he chop his own wood and fetch his own water. He till his fields, sow and reap our wheat, milk the sheep and cows, make yogurt, fetch wood and dung, and make fire. means every day is a struggle ,

The dark era is, gas is not available, and electricity in most places is recent. Mobile connection has only recently become stable. Not too long ago, the area was not just severely impoverished, but also barely known to outsiders except to explorers and mountaineers. Hardship, resilience, and constantly seeking better opportunity is our way of life.

This is the situation in which He was born, and brought up to aspire towards a better future not just for himself, but for his community and the larger world. Where He grew up, He was isolated but took a progressive and anticipatory and participatory approach towards development. Development organizations do hands-on, grassroots work, and the community is deeply and practically involved. Children work from very young ages at home, and as youth in community projects. This gives them a holistic view of development, and the needs of various individuals and stakeholders with respect to that development. Their training involves intentionally becoming responsible, caring, knowing and progressive citizens of the world, and to take the far and long view of events. Additionally, the area to which He belongs is at the cusp of various civilizations and cultures, and of modernity and tradition. Being from a remote village in a valley in the mountains, He has grown up witnessing firsthand what are the challenges of successfully delivering education to those areas, and how to raise world-class citizens. With this background and ethos a part of his upbringing and blood, He has taken the resilient route towards development: starting young, He has joined forces with other youth, created a non-profit organization, and packed his bag and traveled to far mountains and refugee camps and reached children, met elders, and delivered both the tools and technology and the motivation for education. He has distributed school kits (uniform, books, stationery), and are now establishing libraries(resource centers) in remote valley such as Gilgit, KPK, FATA and Balochistan.. They have delivered art and innovation workshops to children in different areas , children who have been affected by the fallout of one of the most significant environmental disasters in Pakistan, the formation of the Attabad Lake at Hunza after the collapse of the face of a mountain. With theirworkshops and programs, they have mobilized the spirit of the children and delivered them modern tools. He believed that young and the able who are from remote, indigenous cultures like himself bring unique, real-world knowledge to the world. He was a dreamer from the mountains.
picture source: Nazir Abbas.