Media and Pakistan

In today’s world, where just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advance in technology in almost all sectors, I believe that media and technology are the gateway to information and healthy entertainment and media has become accessible to almost every person whether its social media, print media or electronic media. It may seem as though it’s a misnomer to even mention any disadvantages of technological advances. However, despite how far technology has taken humans and no matter how convenient it may make things, there are some disadvantages accompanying this level of access.

Despite the boundless opportunities of the Internet for businesses, brands, relationships and entertainment, large numbers of media companies have strong competition between them on different point of views or beliefs and on many occasions or times these different media companies cast news and other issues so quickly that in times these news turn out not to be true, incomplete, or not broad casting it fully. Because of this the public quickly become very serious without knowing the full story, and many times they take steps especially by commenting on social media which can lead to situation worse than it should have been causing instability in the community and the whole country.

I firmly believe in an individual’s power of speech and demeanor. we( youth) can use our interpersonal skills coupled with good education to influence people, especially the youth, and underprivileged rural population. As an educated individual we should educate them how to use social media, when to comment or what things to post and share. And by this way we can settle many issues down.