Path to countering extremism-Pakistan

Extremism in Pakistan is mostly due to separation on the basis of religion intolerance , sects, and ethnicity. The toughest task is to bring all disjointed groups under one umbrella and under one ideology. Of course, in order to bring everyone under a shared ideology, the differences in people’s ideologies must be allowed to flourish as well — so long as they don’t harm each other.
 The problem of intolerance and extremism is also birthed by the fact that In in Pakistan the resources are not divided equally between the provinces/regions. More, our close geographic and historical affiliation with Afghanistan is also giving birth to extremism, since ideological battles now become cross-border conflicts.

To overcome this problem of extremism, increasing people’s awareness of other ideologies, sects, and ethnicities is very important. By increasing awareness, people can improve tolerance for one another — even when they have differences. Awareness can be improved by education campaigns, diversity trainings for civil society organizations, and placing marginalized groups in service roles in partnership with groups who may not have a good perception of them. One should know what is good for them and what is not good for them is in the interest of the country.
Often, beliefs and behaviors which are detrimental to individuals, such as unfair treatment of women or not pursuing education, is exactly what is destroying our country. We should all follow one ideology as a nation, but should respect each other’s personal ideologies as well. We should separate religion and nationalism. We should accept that the country comes first and then your religion.