We at Mercury Diamond™ developed a special tool, the Mercury Exchange Converter™, which can match the current transaction price of any diamond regardless of size, color, clarity, cut, shape or irregularities to any other number of diamonds of equal value. A characteristic of commodities is their ability to be split in two or more and retain proportionate value. If, for example, one took an ounce of 24-karat gold and divided it into two pieces of half an once each, than the value of each half will equal half the value of the whole ounce. The same is true for five notes of $10 — they will always equal the value of a $50 bill, just as a liter of oil can be divided into three and together retain the same value of a liter. You can split the volume and still retain the value. This is not true of diamonds. If you cut a 1-carat diamond into two equal half-carat diamonds, the individual value of each half falls by more than 50% and the collective value is reduced. After all, a diamond’s value rises exponentially with size.

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