Top 10 Highest Paying Majors

Are you a greedy piece of shit? If so, you’re in the right place.

When picking your major it’s important to keep the money in mind because let’s be honest who’s going to be happier, the millionaire or your high school janitor? When you get down to it, everything is about money. Life after college is purely materialistic.

College is so much work so make sure you get out as much as you can from it. Don’t do all that work for some lame low paying desk job when you can get an exciting high paying job.

Once you get out of this whole college thing, you’re going to want a job and preferably one that pays a lot. College is expensive, so how are you going to make up for that and make as much money as possible?

If you’re going to work every day for the rest of your life you better be making bank.

So let’s get into this list so you can get to raking in that sweet dough:

10. Statistics

And the first one is statistics, it may not be the most exciting job but damn do you get paid. At an average starting salary of $53,000 and a mid-career of $92,000, you will be able to live comfortably.

Statisticians use their methods to collect and analyze the data to help solve real-world problems. They look for patterns in data to make decisions for a business, industry, or government. The data they collect comes from poles, surveys, market research, or statistical experiments. Besides any field work where you are gathering data, you will spend your time in an office.

9. Economics

When looking into an economics degree, it is important to note that it is highly recommended to get your masters or Ph.D. It is a lot of work and money to get your masters or Ph.D. but once you do you can have a starting salary at $55,000 and increase to $95,000 a year. If you are looking for a high paying major that involves mostly math and barely any science, then economics is for you.

Economists focus on how things are produced and sold in the overall economy. They look at the supply and demand of goods or companies. Most of their work is done through collecting and analyzing data to find trends or economic issues. However, you would generally work independently in an office full time. If that’s good or bad is up to you.


You wouldn’t think that a physic degree would give you a high paying job but they are very important when you’re building. Physicists have to calculate the logistics of a product, which means you’re going to do a lot of math. But if you’re good with that, you will start with $60,000 a year and increase to an average of $108,000.

Physicists study the principles of the structure and behavior of matter. That’s all fine and dandy but what careers can you get into from this? Surprisingly, more than you would think. You can use your physics degree in astronomy, healthcare, engineering, energy, technology, and meteorology job fields. Physics can apply to every aspect of our lives so it’s kind of important I guess.

7. Computer Engineering

Coming in at number 7, computer engineering is one of the leading majors in growth in the last 20 years. It is a fast growing field that pays off, beginning with $70,000 a year, and increasing to an average of $113,000 but can vary depending on job type. A nice chunk of change

Computer engineering focuses on the research and development of new computer systems and components such as processors, memory chips, circuit boards, and networks. They usually work in research labs that advance and test each computer component which gives it more of a hands-on environment. Computer engineering is a field that will always be there and evolve our computer systems.

6. Electrical Engineering

Basically, every one of these majors are either engineering based or related to math and science, as we move on to electrical engineering at number 6. There are two different branches in electrical engineering but either way you can make some big bucks. It generally starts with $68,000 per year but can increase to $114,000 mid-career.

Electrical engineer can relate to most fields that use technology and electrical equipment. The engineers design and develop the equipment which can range from power systems to electric motors. They can either work in offices, labs, or industrial plants. Electrical engineer’s jobs vary since it is needed in most industries.

5. Computer Science

Although it doesn’t have engineering in the title, it basically is. Technology based majors are making the most amount of money in this current day and age, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change. Computer Science majors can expect to begin with $71,000 but usually rises to $115,000 midway through your career.

Computer science comes with mass amounts of coding and programming, which is definitely not for everyone. They design and invent new approaches to computing and innovate existing technology. Computer scientists solve complex problems in computing for almost every field so there is a high demand for jobs.

4. Nuclear Engineering

Damn, hopefully you want to go into an engineering field. Coming in at number 4, nuclear engineering is no different, you start with $68,500 but can move up to $116,000 mid-career.

With a nuclear engineering degree, you will work on development or maintenance of nuclear power plants. Although the industry has a continual controversy surrounding the extraction and disposal of carbon-based fuels and its negative effects on the environment, you’re going to be getting some sweet cheddar so who cares?

3. Chemical Engineering

Although chemical engineering will require a lot of science and mathematics, it is going to pay off with a starting salary of $95,000 and an average mid-career salary around $120,000. Luckily, you only need to get a bachelor’s degree in order to get an entry level job in the field.

Chemical engineering opens many doors to different job types. They can improve food processing techniques and methods, develop synthetic fibers to make clothing more comfortable and water resistant, or advance methods to mass-produce drugs. The majority of your time will be in the office or lab research the other time will be in industrial plants or refineries.

2. Pharmaceuticals

It takes a 4-year professional degree to become a pharmacist and you also need to be licensed, which requires passing two exams. But once you get through all of that, it’s easy sailing. You start with $98,000 per year but can move up to $131,000 per year mid-career. That’s enough to live very voluptuously.

Pharmacists will distribute medication to patients that are prescribed to them by a doctor. If the medication is not in stock you will have to actually make the medicine that is ordered. You can think of it as a legal version of Breaking Bad.

1. Petroleum Engineering

With a six figure job right out of college, you’re set. Petroleum engineering has an average starting salary of $100,000 and increases to an average of $172,000 mid-career. God damn, that’s good! You may be the scum of the earth to some but at least you are going to be making bank.

Petroleum Engineers usually design and develop the methods for extracting natural oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface. You may spend some of your time in an office or research lab but most of your time will be at the drilling sites.

Now that you know the degrees with the highest salaries, declare you major already and make some money!

After all, we live in a society where we value money more than our education.