I believe they are clearing up wherever this was the initial listing discussed by them in previous…
Bartosz Majchrzak

I tried reading their post again with your comment in mind. But the post clearly does not ‘just clarify a possible uncertainty’.

The second and third paragraph can suggest they are talking about their XRL’s, as in, not the 75M distributed, but their own 25M. It is a fact that XRL’s are already trading, and subscribers did not get an email and they did not mention it on all their outlets.

Would like to get some clarification on their seemingly hasty and sloppy statement (not just the typo ‘XLR’):

  • Is the Rialto team going to start trading their (25M share of) XRL on the exchanges that they choose in August?
  • Please recognise that the XRL that are already distributed are not under your control and people can do with it whatever they want.
  • Please recognise that in your previous medium-post the following statement is incorrect: ‘Our Crowdsale has already ended and buying XRL tokens is not possible anymore until we list our tokens on exchanges, in August’. And recognise this is not a scam.

Very weird…

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