Doctors Don’t Write

Doctors don’t write. They wear white lab coats and treat patients. Doctors don’t write. They work at hospitals, they wear stethoscopes and listen to chests. Doctors don’t write. They work. And they work hard.

And so I stopped writing, at least in public, where they would see me, where they would critique me. And then I became unwell. My mind became flooded with words that could seek no exit through hands shackled by the expectations of her society. And so I wrote, briefly, sporadically, without focus, without intent, just for the sake of writing into a journal that I hid deep in my drawers. My handwriting was messy. Good, that way no one else could read it.

Well what if doctors did write? What if they used their perspectives as podiums from which they can examine the human condition?

What if doctors did write?

I think that’s what I have to explore now…

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