A Daydream: Right of Passage

It is through imagination’s daydream that one comprehends the simplistic-complexity of being more by being less.

“Think and wonder — wonder and think” ~Dr. Seuss

( Steampunk Artwork by Antonio Caparo — https://www.behance.net/ajcaparo )

ALL . . . are spoken to by a power gifted to heart. Sad still it is, that only some will find courage to listen in abandonment of all else, and discover there, in the listening, a thinly veiled balance and order of evolutionary will of honor, virtue, and dignity of spirit. For sake of future individuality and creativity’s fruition, let the children think and daydream . . . to glimpse ‘understanding’ . . . to dream a dream of self-expectancy!

When we are children, our families, as well as many other influential adults, did alter our thoughts, and would much too often say to us, “Get your head out of the clouds and pay attention!” However, we did eventually come to find as we grew older, that those adults had themselves forgotten that it is into the clouds we are ‘called’ to go, to imagination; a permission to ponder without limits a meaning of life, and is where we do dare to go to discover a simplicity of place found in the listening to our own ‘voice’. There should be no resistance to the desire to know what the ‘voice’ is thinking, and in the simplest most natural act of listening will be heard what is meant to be gifted and shared with the world.

It is unfortunate, and utterly painful to witness of this ‘time’ in history, the ‘worldly’ cherry tree being purposefully limited to plenty for the few, and nothing for the plenty (20% of the earth’s population takes 80% of its resources). Yet still . . . we must hold hope close to being to ‘see’ a truth in an old cliché, “Life is a bowl of cherries.” It is up to the individual to plant and nurture a cherry tree of personal tending — to continually remember to trim off bad branches so that it will grow to full fruition in order to enjoy its fruit; a sweet taste of ‘self’-worth as only the individual can envision. ©