A Sanguineous Stain: Silence Must Be Heard

From Earth to the Heavens, an eternal philosophy of natural laws reigns 24/7 to those who dare to knock in question of every shape and every form. Wisdom is born of quiet storm of first dawn; a silent sovereignty.

A ‘Spirit’ understands a want for the ‘what’ of ‘something’ — -the epitome of heart’s language speaking through life-’times’ of journeys through attempt at will’s wake: A wonton of met of ‘the one’ of so named, ‘soul-mate’. Do we somehow miss a soul-mate’s whispers due in cause to worldly distraction? Do we most ‘times’ fail to realize that the ‘something’ we seek is the ‘muse’ speaking through the silence made clouded with the noise of anger and sorrow?

Only (Prague Cameraman — Cinematographer Michal Krejci — http://taylor-film.com) the heart understands.

Grateful are we for the given kisses to Love’s trampled hearts as a pain of thorns pierces the garden of Eden. Tainted of strain is a sensitive ‘spirit’ what for moment and again remained in perpetuity’s punishment of imprisoned mind: A grief of loneliness masked as consequence tending toward favor of contrived fatalistic fallacy — -nothing more than disillusions professing a lie of false protectorate — -distractions of invocation given just enough to dare to seem to fairly care, and this . . . to hide the reality of heart’s hidden smother.

Mortal is born of benevolent soft-handedness of sweet human gullibility — -intentions of joys prayer of color while all the while are too, the dark-dull ‘forces’ of shadow offering pains-in-waiting to cause unreasonable scorn profoundly riddled of strife and wrongfulness: A silent ‘beast’ of intent toward divide and misunderstanding. A pain made of awareness of thorns ripening and piercing the soul to cause one rendered speechless from a choking of forever tears of unreason, undeserving, unforgiving untruths; an embittered battle for peace of reality no one does ‘see’ meant to be. Rather be is an endurance spent of ‘self’-punishment of unknowing choice not made clear of ‘times’ moment’s taken of un-foretelling: A profound confusion, a usurped purpose in trade for utterance of seeming perpetual question of why(?): A weapon of shadows seeking to extinguish a light. Left are the trophies’ of scars of un-bearing upon a sickened heart: An ‘evil’ of man’s doing that did seek to suck the very life from the soul of a life. Assumed must be a humbled position of driven vision of a ‘something’ tangent and begotten before the ‘time’ of fear-inspired forgetfulness. Fire versus fire can no longer remain the perpetual burning attire in embattled personal insurrection. Silence . . . is the quiet nectar of ‘voice’ of solidarity; a message appearing through the looking glass as it cuts through the meaningless desperate breathe of begotten rotten air.

Forgiveness . . . key of original virtue and rescue; a key opening a door to the cleansing truths of soul; an end to the cumbersome regret of rape of innocence. Forgiveness, the ‘power’ to return through the door once stolen of purposeful experience of progression; a heart of awe of all things of Love’s infinite mercy unbinding imprisoned minds of the chains of indoctrinate indifference. A gift of heart cannot remain bound in state of remorse; an assumed wrongful endeavor. The past spent in unawareness of un-rectified forgiveness of ‘self’, will stagnate a free purpose-bound ‘spirit’. Let the ‘spirit’ lament out so to heal, so to set free the child-like Love gifted within.

Choose to regret nothing . . . choose to appreciate everything, or be bound to dark shadows of a mind’s illusions forever.

E=M.C2=YOU! There is no other who will save you! YOU . . . are the ‘the one’ who answers from within! YOU . . . carry Love within, the soul-‘mate’ of your passions of expression!

Believe in yourself! Through silence comes the ‘voice’ saying, ‘Choice is shear will of human thought; a will of chance at change for unjust things to just be! Pay no mind to the f.alse e.vidence a.ppearing r.eal! There are NO limits to what the imagination can accomplish, including escape!’ YOU . . . are an individual Universe unto your’self’: An energy of must to ‘self’ transform
. . . ‘to know thy’self’, is to thine own ‘self’ be true’. ©


“POEM OF THE ATOMS” — RUMI — Armand Armand (with subs): ~~~*beautiful!:

. . . only the ‘Spirit’ understands the silent stillness.