The hope of a better day

Better days are coming

My experience at the andela boot-camp has been a story of a lifetime. On most days the greatest grace is that the day is over and I get to close My eyes and sleep. On other days, I wake up in the morning all psyched up and eager to learn and by 10:am I just wanna sit all day and build castles in the air. The andela learning experience is an experience like no other. It requires commitment and passion. It’s not the kinda of experience that can be told in a story, It’s blood and sweat and sleepless night and early morning and all those things every sober self loving person would wants to avoid. I literally go to bed and dream code.

Pause for a minute, I probably got you thinking that Andela is an evil place,Dint I? Well, they say bad days always promise a better day. I concur. I love learning new things and I enjoy a good challenge. The andela Boot-camp is all about learning and problem solving. You gotta be willing to face challenges, not just those that are set by the andela team, but also those that you set for yourself.

Nothing lasts forever, Not even bad days. Challenges don’t last forever and neither does discouragement. As a developer, I’ve learned that bad code doesn’t persist forever. There’s got to be a solution somewhere, maybe in researching, reaching out for help or even in reviewing other people code. The more I push through the challenges, the more I learn.

They say better days are coming, I believe they will come faster with faith. I my be a newbie today but if I work hard and tirelessly, I won’t be a newbie forever. I have learned to look forward because better days are coming