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4 Reasons Why Leah Remini’s Book Matters . . . Beyond Scientology

#1.Your Voice Matters

You’ve seen her as an actress on “King of Queens,” “Cheers,” “The Exes,” and in other shows, reality TV and movies. Now Leah Remini is a part of television exposes, documentaries, articles, and commentaries focusing on what kind of “Troublemaker” she is, all because she is sharing her voice.

All too often, our voices are silenced by distractions and opinions which bully us into not trusting our gut instincts. Then, when we do speak, we are made to feel alone and are sometimes ostracized for expressing ourselves and pushing the envelope for truth.

Well, the simple fact is: Your voice matters. Whether loud and boisterous or humble and meek, our voices do matter. And when we courageously and clearly share beyond our tribulations and past judgements, our lives become rich with meaning and understanding. When we allow our voices to be heard, we feel energized, empowered and inspired to learn and grow, and we affect change.

#2. Do the Work

Leah Remini’s book highlights the many hours and years she studied, climbing the ladder of Scientology, and her interviews show the numerous materials she absorbed to understand herself and those around her, no matter the odds, or the cost.

(During Leah Remini’s interview with “20/20,” this table filled with the books and materials she absorbed was shown.

The Self-Help industry, operating as a business, is vastly full of cult-like organizations, celebrity trends and new-age labeled Gurus all offering must-have paraphernalia which promises instant solutions. Distracted and consumed by them, we often become the victim of their deception.

True, their practices and processes may work as a catalyst to inspire us, but when they become dogma and we are no longer our own Guru, we have allowed our voices to be buried. Because other’s “Ah-hah’s” cannot be simply integrated into our own lives as cure-all prescriptions. They cannot create miraculous antidotes for our own dysfunctional cycles as their “answers” can never be full complete solutions for our own unique lives.

Because we are the only ones with the answers to what ails us. We can share our processes, and adapt or adopt strategies into our own situations as we do the work. But we still have to take responsibility, participate, and do the actual work, for ourselves. Only then can we find solutions which work for us and help us to learn, grow and leave our dysfunctions behind.

#3. Uphold Integrity

Integrity is hard to come by nowadays. Anyone who draws notice to someone or something that seems a little bit off is often brutally attacked or suspected, rather than listened to or believed. By pointing out our gut instincts and putting someone or something “on notice,” we acknowledge the power of information, and respect and uphold our integrity. In turn, an opportunity opens up for the truth to be uncovered and for all those victimized to be helped.

(See from 8 to 10 seconds into the clip above: “Carrie Heffernan”, in the “King of Queens” intro, humorously yet powerfully puts a rude passerby “on notice” when he almost knocks her down.

In sharing the heart-wrenching testimony and insightful interviews of those affected by Scientology practices and by those in its organization, Leah Remini fearlessly puts Scientology and its leaders “on notice.” In vulnerable situations, it is difficult not to get paralyzed and give the benefit of the doubt to those taking advantage of us. Yet, rather than play the victim, Leah Remini gives the benefit of the doubt to her intuition and experiences when they tell her something just isn’t right.

It is healthy for us to enhance what we know by openly learning from others’ experiences as well as our own. Then, we can move into understanding, sympathy and empathy while gathering information and power. Having clarity, being aware, and honoring our gut feelings are important ways of respecting and upholding our integrity.

#4. Uncover the Truth

“Belief and faith are great, but very few people have been led astray by thinking for themselves.” (Page 227)

By thinking for herself and working to uncover the truth, Leah Remini is helping herself while she is helping others. Daily, we all search for the truth whether in politics, business, relationships or life. But all too often we falter to the power of persuasion and do not think for ourselves. What we believe and have faith in is tested, challenged and often condemned, so it is up to us to think for ourselves and do the work to understand and uncover the truth.

In this day and age, especially, it is up to all of us to do the work to challenge ourselves, and to question ourselves, others, and what is occurring around us. We must move past opinions and judgements and we must not be afraid of change, as we continuously study, learn and grow. Gaining information, maintaining our voice, doing the work, upholding integrity and reaching clarity are important practices to accessing the truth within ourselves.

Then, as we look for answers to “why?” and “how?” we can be fascinated by the focus of our attention, and aware of the opinions, motivations and actions around us. And when something doesn’t make sense, we can emphatically search for facts, corroborations, and intent and allow our gut feelings to decide what is true. As we are the only ones qualified to look for our answers, we are the only ones who can gain the clarity to reconnect with our intuition and determine our truth. Only then can we move forward in a healthy way and share that with others.

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