A Like is a Like is a Like

(Don’t Forget to “Like” This)

Do you spend hours catching up on Facebook posts, clicking away at likes and then commenting on others’ posts who have liked what you liked, as well?

Do you scroll through tweets, evaluating which ones you really like and then follow others who like what you have said you like because they are liking what you like?

Do you check posts on Medium that everyone else likes, just so you can click on likes as well? Or do you really, really like them?

It is difficult to go on social media just to read posts or tweets without liking anything, isn’t it? “Like” buttons are everywhere online. They are calling out to each and every one of us, to click away.

If you have a daily required amount of “liking” that you hold yourself too, you might want to pause in between clicks and ask why. Why is it important to show your like? Why is it important to click the button, thumb or heart and make it known that you agree, that your opinion goes along with everyone else’s?

Are you following an impulse or persuasion, or do you really like what it is you are saying you like?

It’s a good question to contemplate, because if a friend posts and it is sitting there quietly with no likes and no reactions, don’t you feel obligated to like it? Maybe that will start the ball rolling for others to like it, right? If a post strikes a chord or hits your emotion, good or bad, you may feel strongly about saying “me too!” and then that causes you to like it too.

But, are those likes the truth about what you really like? And how long do those likes really last?

We like foods, people, clothes, vacation spots, sports players and even pets. We like movies, music, cartoons, plays, actors and writers. We like lots of stuff.

But lots of stuff doesn’t have a button to let everyone else know we like it. Family members and friends may know that we have an insane passion for “Seinfeld” reruns, or sushi, or vampires, but we don’t always have the opportunity to aggressively express our “like,” or let others let us know to like what we like, or even ask if they like what we like, as well.

When we do like something, we find ourselves belonging with the others who have liked it. We group ourselves with strangers and somehow create an elusive comradery. There is no limit when we are out there on social media liking whatever we feel obligated or spontaneously impelled to like, instantly belonging to one group or another. We go on like binges and find ourselves happily in the midst of many others, so what’s the big deal, right?

We like what we like, in the moment and then move on. There may be many reasons or none at all and there are never any ramifications. We become addicted to a powerful urge that keeps us coming back, aligning with others, and liking more and more, whether or not it is really the truth.

Whatever the case, likes are all around us. And we like whatever we like, whether or not we really and truly like it.

Perhaps, like Gertrude Stein said about a rose: a like is a like is a like, and that’s all there is to it. So, don’t forget to “like” this.

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