Are these Women’s Marches Accomplishing Anything?

There is nothing more daunting than a strong, empowered, determined woman who is not held back by dysfunctional beliefs, habits or limitations. No man, regardless of stature, perceived power or financial backing, not even another woman, can stop this powerful woman.

So, what does stop her? What stops any of us from being that strong, amazing woman? Is it President Trump? No, we are the ones who stop ourselves from becoming her.

And by coming to and participating in an event, such as these marches, which places blame on someone or something other than the truth, further limits the persons participating from accessing this powerful woman within themselves. By attending and participating you hand over whatever power you had and you give it away.

Gloria Steinem, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and other great leaders never focused on blame, they focused on empowerment. Look at Civil rights activist Rosa Parks who refused to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger, spurring the Montgomery boycott and other efforts to end segregation. She didn’t focus on complaints, on blame or on arguing, she just focused on empowering herself. She acted as a woman, with dignity and power and did what she needed to do, for her. Her message was not about blame, it was about empowerment, for herself. Successful leaders work to empower those who listen and their voices are clear and their message moves people.

These marches are nothing more than a whine fest, in which the participants feel that they had their voices heard. Yes, they were heard. And??? There is a feeling of solidarity, but solidarity in what?

I’m disappointed. There is discrimination. There is bullying. There is racial hatred. There is unfair practices out there. I see it, like everyone. I know change is possible, but this is not embracing change, it’s making change impossible.

I suppose in a few years, those who marched will once again complain that life stinks and all is unfair. Whether Trump is President or not will be irrelevant. Someone new will come into the picture and there will be reasons to blame someone else and people, specifically these women will continue to give their power away.

As a woman, I can speak as a woman. I don’t understand why we have done this. We are an incredibly, powerful breed of humans on this planet. It is time we work with our strength, embrace our nature and bring about change. We should be who we are, and as we are and not like anything or anyone else. Our kindness, sense of family and fairness is what should drive us. We must work to move beyond our self-set boundaries, move our dysfunctional thoughts about roles, and our self-perceived limitations and manifest our strengths. There is no power in demanding that “someone” give us back our power.

We have the power to affect our children, our families, crises on Earth, famine, sickness and relationships throughout the world. But we cannot do any of that until we first change how we perceive ourselves and our power; our real power. When we join to find our empowered selves, count me in. I believe together we can do anything, otherwise let’s face it, we are really just protesting against ourselves.

Ladies, until we change ourselves, we can change nothing.

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