Don’t Support Bookjacking!

“Bookjacking” is a Parasitic Verb: Don’t Support It!

Part One: “Bookjacking” Does Exist — Buyer Beware!

If you are an unaware Consumer you may be supporting “Bookjacking”. . . without even knowing that you are a victim!

Unfortunately, you are in good company, because often Authors, Independent Publishers and Self-Publishers are also unsuspecting victims of “Bookjacking,” as well.

(See Part Two: “Bookjacking” Does Exist — Author and Publisher Beware!”)

“Bookjacking” is described as third party sellers using algorithms and software to find listed books selling on websites like Amazon, Abebooks, or These phony third party sellers then relist those books on other websites or the same websites for a “HUGE” markup.

The big reveal is that these phony third party sellers doing the “Bookjacking” do not have an actual copy or any rights to the material they are listing. In fact, they are virtually selling a virtual inventory, piggybacking on the original entry that does exist.

If you, the Consumer, purchase this virtual item you may be charged and never receive it and may have to fight for a refund, which may never occur. And, if you, the Consumer, do eventually receive the item, it means the phony third party seller has purchased it for less from the original seller and is now price gouging you, the unsuspecting Consumer.

So in retracing your purchasing steps, you have visited an online marketplace and have selected from its listings. These listings appear to be what is available. You want it by a certain time and the seller seems to offer that. The price seems okay, and maybe a little steep, but you don’t see any alternative. So, why should “Bookjacking” even be a term of interest to you?

It should be, because, as a Consumer, you are purchasing from the Author and Publisher via an online marketplace that is operating as the middle man. And as the middle man, it must have you, the Consumer’s, best interests at heart, right?

Well, there is no guarantee of that. After all, the marketplace is a big business and as a business its number one concern is of course, the bottom line: Profit.

So, as a Consumer, you may not be aware that this same big business may not be listing the original Publisher’s offering and retail price. Even if the big business is involved in an agreement with the Author and Publisher to print the material on demand, it may not be ready through their platform yet. Sure this could be a glitch in some kind of Beta system that the big business has with its platform, of which they may not even be aware of, yet that’s technical stuff. You, the Consumer, are just looking for the book.

Sadly, when you look at the listings, there is no way to tell what is original and true, and what isn’t, unless you do some of your own online detective work. So, the phony third party sellers are affecting the listings you choose from, and they are doing it in a very sneaky way.

You, the Consumer, are being duped by this “Bookjacking.” If you have ever considered writing a book and independently publishing it, check out Part Two: “Bookjacking” Does Exist — Author and Publisher Beware!” Because again, you are in good company. The Authors and Publishers, where the book you just want to buy is coming from, are also being affected by “Bookjacking.”

The listings you are seeing may not even be representing the Publisher’s price, as it may not even be in the marketplace yet. For, if this is a new book available, or a special Print on Demand offering, from an online marketplace, chances are a phony third party seller has gotten the jump on both the marketplace and the actual Author or Publisher. This means that they have listed the book at a huge markup in the hopes that you, the Consumer, will find their listing your only choice.

If this sounds complicated it is, when it should really be simple. You, the Consumer, want to buy a book for the price it is or better. The Author or Publisher has the ability to sell it to you, the Consumer, via marketplace websites. An online marketplace style middle man, these websites provide the convenient platform for you, the Consumer, to buy the book.

Bear in mind, it may be possible to purchase this book from someone who has purchased an original copy from the Author or Publisher and is now reselling it via the online marketplace. That is a different situation all together as that seller is a kind of Consumer, just like you, who is now attempting to get rid of something he/she actually has from his/her bookcase.

Yet, the phony third party virtual seller evolves as the additional middle man getting in the way of your legitimate purchase. Actually, to you, the unsuspecting Consumer, it may even look like it is the Author and Publisher selling their work at this huge price. Instead, it is the phony middle man price gouging you, the Consumer, for something he most often doesn’t even have. So, buyer beware!

Yes, this is similar to the thousand dollar concert seats you are perplexed at purchasing, when that famous singer or band coming to town has no more tickets available to sell. Even if those concert tickets have not or have just, right now, gone on sale, there appear to be none available. How can that be?

You, the unsuspecting Consumer is again taken advantage of by the phony third party seller.

The overpriced concert tickets are not a profit for the band, although it may seem that way. Just like the overpriced book is not a profit for the Author or Publisher.

Yet, most importantly, in no way is any of this a profit for you, the Consumer.

Ei Publishing has recently been affected by “Bookjacking.” Ei Publishing is concerned about protecting the Consumer interested in purchasing original and legitimate copies of its books, at their Publishers Retail Listed Price. This blog has been written to inform Consumers that Ei Publishing has legitimately listed their books and e-books for purchase through direct agreement with Amazon via their KDP platform. Ei Publishing is not represented by any phony third party sellers looking to price gauge Consumers. Ei Publishing values you, the Consumer, and appreciates your interest. Ei Publishing also offers books through their website at Or email directly:

(See Part Two: “Bookjacking” Does Exist — Author and Publisher Beware!”)

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