Our time here is short. Does this mean Armageddon is close? No, it means you are here, living a life. Time flies here. Science and Einstein have said that time only exists in this dimension, whereas in deep space, time and space are one. So, if we have to work with a dimension in time, what we do here, during this time matters. Who does it matter to? To you, and only you.

What you see and experience affects only you, for when you share a memory, not only do you change your perception of the memory, but how you describe it to someone else changes it even further. What the person who is hearing it senses, perceives and reacts to, is based on their own past experiences. In essence, you can never truly, without bias on either end, share an experience, event or memory.

So, although you may think you have a comrade in arms, you’ve really only convinced yourself of something that does not, and cannot exist.

So, jumping on bandwagons, listening to the crowds and getting caught up in what someone tells you is the truth, or is the way things are, only confuses you. The normal reaction to confusion is fear, anger or further confusion. Science and studies have shown that this sequence of events makes an individual look for some “expert” to help him or her understand. We seek one with authority, charisma or the sense of leadership to help us to make sense of the confusion. And alas, that my friends is when we get caught.

So is there a way out, to the real truth of any situation? Does the truth lie in the news? In the statements of one who is declared the “expert”? In the majority of the masses? No.

The only truth that exists is the one that lies within yourself. You live your life with your own experiences, the way that you choose, with the beliefs you’ve adopted and the events that move you. Once you come to understand and fully embrace that, your life changes. You allow others to have their truth, but you do not get caught up in it. You move with your truth, separate from what anyone tells you. The media and the circus outside can pass by your door, and things begin, just begin, to start to make more sense and the noise outside becomes just outside banter. You allow others to live in their truth, because you live in yours.

It will feel funny, and uncomfortable at first, but it will only feel odd to you, others will not notice unless you try to convince them of your truth, and with practice you understand that’s not your business to do, as well as it can never be done. In time, you understand more and find you are, what can best be described, as happy.

Your time here is short, at most a mere 100 years. You have a lot to do in that time. It’s time you do just that.

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