I’m offended!
Priscilla Ramya

Well said!

Placating others without sharing your slant, somehow, can lead to verbal frustration as well as a piece without many likes, views, value or substance. Scripting, blogging, creating has become a balancing act of correctness that certainly has voided and silenced our voices and truth at times.

All of our voices are important to share, yet social media and society brainwash us that that is not true. They are more supportive of bullying measures to enforce what is considered right and wrong in order to manipulate and control. Everyone is kept in line with what is popular and okay as social media and society enforce participation with and attention to what is trending, going viral, and must-share memes.

Luckily fiction is also available to entertain those of us willing to keep sharing no matter the response or lack of response. There we can recreate vignettes where those who rub us the wrong way or may be ready to trounce upon our voice can be dealt with, constructively and creatively, in fun story and illusion.

And it is there that any “I’m offended” responses become only tools of irony and satire, and are irrelevant for anything, other than character development.

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