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Will humor be the mother of invention?

It’s been a while since I laughed heartily out loud at a “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) skit. This creative ad finally broke my streak.

Sure Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer has been great but that’s basically a one person impersonation, as it interprets politics. The same goes for the very talented Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon. But their jokes are all based on what’s going on in Washington, D.C., Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, and all too often Rachel Maddow’s brain and Anderson Cooper’s eye sockets.

Stories about those places eventually trickle down into our everyday’s yet we don’t go to sleep worrying about them, unless of course we get bored with our own day to day dramas. And those are usually filled with these activities:

  • watching, teaching, providing for, educating, and entertaining our kids,
  • doing the same as above for ourselves and our partners,
  • paying our bills,
  • finding work to finance our lives and crazy desires,
  • dealing with day-to-day emergencies and problems,
  • and taking care of and compassionately planning for our senior family members.

Finally, this SNL ad took a stab at a real-life invention. And it improved upon its current position as another electronic device which just makes desires and daily life more convenient.

The creative talent behind this SNL bit took a self-serving piece of hardware and made it societally useful as well as a prescription for sanity, for those of us already caring for elders.

In a humorous way, SNL creative talent found a much better use for an already marketed product. And then they did the advertising, creating demand as well!

Even folks on Twitter have been begging Amazon to make it real. If they do, it will be a great example of humorous innovation with straight to market appeal.

Then, courtesy of SNL, humor will have indeed been the mother of invention.

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