So I read this again and then the comments a couple of times.
Bayo Owolabi

3 mins, pfft Valar morghulis methinks.

economic opportunity (I’m sure some genius will coin a sexier phrase it)”: I believe my former Governor once said something along those lines. The “dividends of democracy” he called it.

Way I view it, social mobility and the curbing of the rentier class have to be said dividends or what’s the point of sun-burn every four years. I want to live in a country where I’m assured my children will have it better than I.

So not just “trade”, not everybody can win that rat race, but a system that makes sure their children won’t sink further down the ladder. I won’t go as far as saying an equal nation but surely one more fair than what we have presently. Difference being rather than attempting development by slogans and visions, the hallmarks of the all knowing state, we trust the genius of the individual.

In conclusion: “ national defense, common standards, international representation, and the promotion of internal trade”+universal healthcare (aspirational I know, necessary nonetheless) and a national education policy.

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