But you read where he says, “…from which I learned that before anyone could embark on a community…

Seems to me that personal scholarships aren’t “community projects”. Nigerians tend to submit to something which for lack of a better term I’ll term “the tyranny of hierarchy”.

It’s the same logic where Politicians with great ideas refuse to go directly to the people, but choose to pass through agents that require payoffs, despite knowing that the people will benefit.

Think of it like this. University students don’t go to ask their elder’s permission before playing Surebet, or applying for MTN foundation scholarships. People need to be viewed first as individuals, seeking to better their lot.

You can’t go to vested interests and expect them to be progressive.

Your tweet is a slightly different scenario, one wandered into hostile territory, the other is a son of the soil.

If the Mothers of those children had come to beg him for school-fees aid, would they ask the elders first?

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