Making the world a better place requires more than utopic solutionism.

Roman soldiers carrying the spoils from the Siege of Jerusalem (Arch of Titus, AD 82). This adaptation added the Boston Dynamic AI robot, an iPhone as a tool for editing genomes and the CERN LHC as a time tunnel (or STARGATE) taking us back to AD 82. Then and now, who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed?

Original author: Ehud Heller (@hellere)

Morozov (2014), which some consider the devil’s advocate, rejected the term “cyber-utopianism” which has accompanied the Internet from its earliest days as liberating humanity from its bonds and changing the focal points of power between oppressor and oppressed (also “education of the oppressed” according to Freire). Morazov claimed for a trend that has taken a leading role among scientists and developers, where every problem — from air pollution to social gaps — has a mathematical solution. The same tendency for “solutionism” stems from a…

Please do not cross the line. Curtesy of Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

In the modern era, everyone is an “artist”, everyone is a “creator”, everyone is a “writer, and yet we still frame and model the art in an attempt to construct an agreed upon description that cannot be crossed or challenged. The common language that helped build a “human society” actually brought about Homophily groups and economic utilitarian boundaries. It is indeed necessary to ask whether art creates dialogue or is it entertainment in the era of “housing warehouses” and “children’s warehouses”?

Original author: Ehud Heller

When we are born parents put us in a cage, preventing us from going out…

The Venture capital herd. The Gartner hype cycle is a perception management control method by the one’s who hold the “master switch”as Fred Friendly coined.

The risks that venture capital funds refuse to take turns technology into no more than cosmetics. As an influential cognitive ecology architects they direct the desired choices, narrowing the scope of innovation into faux innovation as Kelly and Hess described.

Original author: Ehud Heller

“Only about 480 of the 10,000 start-ups that were established in Israel between 1999–2014 were defined as successful” (The Marker), this given that less than one percent of the initiatives are indeed financed by venture capital funds (TechCrunch). In this article I will argue that the “economy of funds”, which dictates which initiatives to invest in…

Eitan Institute ( is not for profit educational and research organization supported by Eitan capital.

Original author: Ehud Heller

Menachem Begin, the sixth Prime Minister of Israel, wrote in his “Order of the day” while serving as the commander of the Etzel on 1947: “First, ask your soul, whether you’re right — or not. If your idea is not right — do not start; …; But if you believe you’re right; …; then do not ask what are the chances of victory; do not look who are walking behind you; …; Go forward! Do not give up”.

Doing the beyond is to boldly go where no man has gone before, to believe nothing is impossible…

Sometimes all you need is a little prince to ask the right questions, but we never need to assume there is only one answer (©Ehud Heller)

“forty two!” screams Lunkwill ,”You need seven and a half million years to count to forty-two ?!”. “I checked it very carefully,” Deep Thought said, “and that’s probably the right answer, the problem, I think, is that none of you actually knows the question.”

Original author: Ehud Heller (@hellere)

So they say that technology is the answer (“42”), but what is the question? If we do not know how to formulate the problem, we probably will not understand what to do and whether it is the right answer. Technology, in its sense as an electronic medium, did indeed change the…

Eitan Capital is more than just research, development or an investment fund — we NURTURE the NeXT bIG NExT

Original author: Ehud Heller (@hellere)

Eitan Capital (for human ventures) redefines how we look at an investment and holding company that sees itself as a technology transfer agency for groundbreaking public policy research that has an impact on the daily lives of tens of millions of people in Israel and around the world. It is a funding arm for the Eitan Institute, an educational information technology research organization (not for profit). …

The NeXT bIG NexT symbol by Ehud Heller. Original background photo Designed by Kjpargeter

This is the human face of the NeXT bIG NexT, representing the multi-generation DNA evolution of knowledge

Original author: Ehud Heller (@hellere)

At Eitan Capital, we believe in visionary research but not at the expense of practical implementation. We strive to find the ones who are willing to think big and take risks. We do not hesitate on fighting for daring entrepreneurs who continue to push the boundaries of technology in order to produce game-changing breakthroughs, ones that disrupt the global technological order, but at the same time taking actions to solve real-world problems that embody the “lean startup” manifesto: fail fast, fail early, and fail often.

Sir Isaiah Berlin, one of the most distinguished political theorist…

Eitan Capital

We are Human ventures. Seek to offer a better future, to shape and influence the reality of people. For more information please visit us at

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