What’s on Your Vocabulary Today

For many of us, the zeal, love and fire with which we serve God when we first became saved have since ebbed. Our commitment, dedication and consecration are no longer the same. In those days, we made some vows to God such as “No Bible, no breakfast”, but are we still true to those pledges? We promised to win the world to Christ, saying that no day would pass without us winning a soul into the God’s Kingdom. How true is that today? Some of us are even so shy or afraid of speaking about Jesus at God-given opportunities. We prefer to read books, surf the internet, or visit social media sites than to preach in buses or cabs like we used to. We surely need spiritual restoration! To be restored, you need to recall how committed you were in time past, repent of your lukewarmness and pick up from where you stopped. Go back to consecration and holiness! Go back to reaching out to the lost on a daily basis! Do you know that no day should pass without you prospecting for sinners to be saved into God’s Kingdom? Ask God to restore you today!

Words like consecration, sanctification and dedication which were common place in Christianity of old are now almost completely out of our vocabulary today.