Pray For Humanity

People do terrible things in the name of religion, but honestly, I would rather blame those people than their religion. Some people are just insane. If there was no religion, they would do it in the name of whatever else, in the name of justice or whatever you might think of.

If you removed the idea of God, would not all of these things still be present-slavery, genocide, terrorism and the like? Of course they would. Therefore, these things are made of human choice and the power of evil that exists in the world. God doesn’t cause tragedy or blindly sit by. He instills in the human heart, the ability to feel love and empathy for the sick and injured. And this is where we see God in the midst of all these terrible things- in the love that humans pass on to those who have experienced tragedy. God’s love is seen in the people who volunteer their time and money after a natural disaster, terrorist attacks and other tragedies that the world faces on a daily basis. God doesn’t “dabble” in our lives to create tragedy and pain. We do that all on our own.
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