Let’s Get Together… Right Now!

O yeah, in sweet harmony
Let’s come together right now
O yeah, in sweet harmony…

Signs for us The Beloved with me joining …and ALL of YOU are also welcomed!

Dear Medium Readers!

It is my greatest pleasure and honor to write for YOU on such a well-acknowledged and creative platform as Medium.

Being a big lover of entrepreneurial movement — in my blog I will cover the most stunning highlights of the Entrepreneurship World.

This includes foremost events and conferences, coolest startups and charismatic founders, dancing elephants efforts to enter the startup space, governments initiatives to stay in the game, most efficient accelerators & growth programs, edge-cutting technologies and much much more.

Briefly about ME:

Born in Moscow, I am a big traveller and life experimenter. My curiousity & hunger for Knowledge opened to me many amazing spots where I experienced Being from various angles, cultures, cuisenes, personalities, jobs and relationships. Once, I boarded the ship called Entrepreneurship and still remain in this voyage. Among my other adventures I landed and lived in thriving London and charming San Francisco. These amazing hubs gave me a huge uprise, courage, significantly expanded my horizons and opened new doors to the Future.

As a professional for 5 years I have been engaging with entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, governments, journalists in Moscow, London and Silicon Valley hubs. It includes setting several accelerators, organizing huge international forums, private consulting to entrepreneurs, linking startups and investors — to name a few initiatives. Among the brands I worked with are: Kaspersky Lab, Moscow Urban Forum, Open Innovations Forum, Global Technology Symposium in San Francisco, Global Corporate Venturing in London, GCV Academy, Skolkovo, RVC.

I get very excited about talented founders & breakthrough startups, creative leadership, futurology, artificial intelligence and excellent music.

My news & insights will cross 5 continents and 3 oceans with the epicenters in Moscow, London and Silicon Valley as my beloved spots to be.

Sometimes, the posts will be spiced up by glimpses into Tel Aviv, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Bejing, Singapore and even Jordan ecosystems. More to come.

I trully hope that staying with ME will bring joy, inspiration, knowledge and …more Action in your Lifes!

Be Bold,