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Litepaper V. 1.02.easy

Contents Of Ekd27:

The Mission Of E1.01

What is Ekd27 E1.02

What is an infocluster? E1.03

Structure Of Ekd27 E1.04

Specification of coins and the distribution of E1.05

Mining POS E1.06

The main classes Ekd27 E1.07

What is postocular? E1.08

Current postulates Ekd27 E1.09

The current apostles Ekd27 E1.10

Why are qualifications needed? E. 1.11

Narrative Ekd27 E1.12

Prospects Ekd27 and duration of E1.14

Useful links E1.15

Note E1.16

E1.01 Ekd27 Mission — promotion of blockchain technology, event theorization and training of new participants.

E1.02 what is Ekd27-an ecosystem created for trade, business, work, training. This is a blockchain created on the basis of waves, where a network member can give a task to another participant and set a reward for completing this task, while the blockchain will not pay a reward until the task is completed. Also, a participant of the ecosystem can send photos, videos, text to another participant from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in a decentralized and anonymous manner, the Commission will be only 1 Ekd27.

E1.03 the Innovative basis of the project is the management of its events and the General Informatization of events passing through the information cluster. Each member of Ekd27 is a member of the information cluster.

Infocaster network Ekd27 is the Foundation and the basis of the net Ekd27 based on theoreticaly, anyone can become a member to express an opinion, idea, to review, to write an article, open the project, ICO to set the remuneration for its publication. Other members of the Ekd27 network can vote and pay for their votes. Ekd27 will reward the author of the publication commensurate with the cost of votes, the voting participants will reward the phantoms of postulates, for the maintenance and creation of which information is necessary. The voter can send phantom postulate the wallet to the Apostle and get a 27 Ekd27 or keep in your wallet.

E1.04 Ekd27 consists of apostles — members of the community, team or other person interested in cooperation and development of the project. Each Apostle is enshrined its class of postulates. The number of postulates is innumerable, is commensurate with the number of unknown and depends only on the Apostle. The apostles follow the Ekd27 mission and work in their cluster, each cluster has two States and interacts with the community. The Apostle Ekd27 can be any wish postulate created and approved its number of majority votes of the apostles. Subpool is wallet waves for which there Ekd27 to implement the postulate.

E1.05 Ekd27 Specification:

1. The name of the asset: Ekd27 coin

2. The Ticker/short name of asset: Ekd27

3. Algorithm: Waves based asset.

4. Number of units/unit height: http://wavesgo.com

5. Emission/turnover: 1000000000000000000/912062811564933000

6. Fees: 0.001 Waves.

7. Unit output time: 1 min

8. The programming language is Scala.

9. Mining type-POS

10. secp256k1ver — New

11. Source code — https://github.com/wavesplatform

12. Explorer — https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH

13. Block — http://dev.pywaves.org/assets/4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH

14. API request to retrieve the data -


Distribution Ekd27:

- POS mining-600000000000000000Ekd27

(proof of event: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PMV1iYhRdC2JjZ7VyF2h588JY2nAHWNk5E)

- Postulates — 300000000000000000Ekd27

(proof of event: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/ft7hUAnZAzKQoYdbZXqx9d7HM5eWi6fwLdbgvqMMCLc)

- Bounty / Airdrop-100000000000000Ekd27

(proof of event: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PGac65LcP1mAC631xRSaWgoisKdEnRhfBx)

- Apostles-100000000000000000Ekd27

(proof of the event:

https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PAGW5yWUcCBvHiy3dr66g57JtNvyUyZghe https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PHeMHhSc5R7UMnzpYfTrKruANhDdG8QQXh https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PK57u2rgTVQ8JvVVc3htyJbGwJCUQBvydk )

- 27CPS (27 control points of sales) — 2700000000ekd27

(proof of event: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PAGW5yWUcCBvHiy3dr66g57JtNvyUyZghe)

E1.06 POS mining-Ekd27 mining is performed using the postulate link here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/GQGY/dm26it6Sp photon mining is performed in an infocluster. (soon)

E1.07 in Ekd27 there are classes of postulates QW, QE, QS — the long — term Ekd27 is confirmed by updating of classes, every year a new class of postulates is added-this ensures the scale of the network and the needs of its participants.

QW Mining and exploration scriptaction:

BM — business mining. Search and mining of non-profit coins (network complexity less than 1000K), further support of new projects.

BOMN — business coverage mastered. Installation of masternodes through providers in order to make a profit. Glass: 50% SWARM below 200%, 50% SWARM above 1000%.

QE Sociality:

Social events-sponsorship of new projects, charity (sponsorship of ICO projects related to the maintenance of flora and fauna of the planet, assistance to distressed countries as a result of disasters and emergencies)

QS Creation:

Theorization of the basic concepts of the crypto industry. Formation of the concept for training new participants of this theory. Building the capacity of the project participants and assistance in the creation of publications and teachings about the crypto world and its development.

E1.08 What is postocular?

Postocular future vectors new classes, they are encouraged to work to the new members and future apostles Ekd27, currently has the following postocular:

- solar energy, mining and use for mining.

- mining.

- the development of Astronautics.

- artificial intelligence and robotics.

- listing of objects and their development.

- socialization of organics, including socialization in disasters.

E1.09 current postulates:

QW -










https://cloud.mail.ru/public/KPx2/ybBT89GNr 100 000 000 000 000Ekd27

https://cloud.mail.ru/public/i48D/xcRk2RXMF 200 000 000 000Ekd27

QE -





QS-Coming soon

E1.10 current apostles:

https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PAGW5yWUcCBvHiy3dr66g57JtNvyUyZghe https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PHeMHhSc5R7UMnzpYfTrKruANhDdG8QQXh https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PK57u2rgTVQ8JvVVc3htyJbGwJCUQBvydk

E1.11 Why do I need qualifications?

Qualification confirms the share of participation and establishes the status of the Apostle. Before its passage

the community sent the coins, some coins which were not part of the community are divided among the apostles in equal shares. The apostles create new postulates and use these coins to implement the postulate.

E1.12 Narrative of Ekd27

A feature of the ecosystem is the long-term scalability. The ecosystem consists of 27 qualifications, during the qualification the participant confirms his role and takes part in the development of this eco-system. After passing the qualification run postulates. For the Ekd27 network, a transaction is a postulate, with more multitasking and functionality. The postulate has two states — to send information, to give a task to another participant of the network (in this case, another participant is sent by the phantom of the postulate) when sending a postulate for giving a task-the postulate is sent through the Apostle wallet, this is a special status of the Ekd27 network wallet, which allows you to check the proof of the event.

What is event management in the Ekd27 network — before receiving the task, the participant-performer sends an advance photon 27 Ekd27, the Apostle wallet accepts the advance and sends to the participant-performer a phantom postulate with a description of the task, after the participant confirms the transaction with a reference to the result — proof event. After the transaction is confirmed and the proof of the event is verified by the Apostle’s wallet, the participant-executor receives a reward.

E. 1.14 Ekd27 perspectives and duration.

Ekd27 long-term project, due reference points the realization of assets installed up to 2026года. Also, the scalability of the project will be supported by new classes and postulates. The apostles are based and engines of progress Ekd27.

E. 1.15 Useful weblinks:
















E1.16 note: this document is a static version and does not affect manipulation technologies and does not require donations and investments. Created for public access and further use by community Ekd27, his apostles and kriptonite. If for any reason you see a contradiction in this document with the work of Ekd27 please let us know in any source of information mentioned above.