Why Donald Trump will be our next president

Rugged Individualism

There is something to be said for individual rebellions coalesced serendipitously. In the video below, supporting someone’s drug and alcohol addiction would typically go against the grain. Society dictates that It’s not supposed to be morally acceptable. The homeless man displays his rebellion by unapologetically owning his need for more money to feed his addictions and everyone else gets to act out a small bit of rebellion by giving him some money in the face of all this and this phenomenon plays itself out politically as well.The U.S seems to go through cycles of order, conformity and rebellion. Starting with the 1920s the U.S. was defined by a culture of Laxness and licentiousness. There were the flappers who’s purpose was to “flaunt their disdain for what was then acceptable behavior,” and the breaking of prohibition.

Then we have a call to order with franklin Roosevelt and the great depression in the 30s. This wave of law and order reaches its peak in the 50s where we have an era of mass conformity, a rise of the middle class and expectations of women to be housewives and take on traditionally female roles.

The 60s rolls in with an era of mass protest and rebellion with the civil rights movement, hippies, the Vietnam war and mass drug use. The 70s brings in another call to order with the election of Richard Nixon who ran on an appeal to the so called silent majority who were fed up with the lawlessness and who began the war on drugs.

Fastforward to 2008 with the election of President Obama arguably one of the greatest demonstrations of racial tolerance in America. He embodies a lot of the restrictive liberal ideals of cultural tolerance, political correctness, decorum and inclusivity. His reign has been accompanied by a lot of protests from the African American community, essentially calling for more sensorship in a sense. Sensorship of things that are offensive to the black community like the confederate flag and a call to basically hem in our police men. Add to that, the attacks from people from the muslim community and the politically correct way those situations have been handled, there is a large group of people that are feeling restrained.

Now with Donald trump rolls in the rebellion as he is the antithesis of all these things. People are continually amazed that Donald Trump can basically say anything he wants and his political campaign is not affected by it. That is because his run for election comes at a very opportune time for him in the American cultural cycle as outlined above. There are people feeling politically constrained and are itching for push back. Donald trump embodies that rebellion in his message and style. So essentially, the basis for trump’s rise stems from the basic human impulse to rebel or defy, to be individualistic and to subvert the statusquo.

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