What We Love About The New Asana

About four days ago, Asana unveiled a redesign of their popular online task management software. At Ekipa, we rely on Asana to handle the granular day-to-day tasks of our remote business — our team is located in the Netherlands, Turkey, and India, and we love how Asana lets everyone have an in-depth, structured view of the work they’re responsible for doing. We’re excited about the new functions they’re adding — although there’s one that we probably won’t be using at all.

Color and Space

The first thing we noticed about the new Asana was that the use of color has become much more sophisticated. Along with a cleaner typeface, the new organization makes it much easier to view tasks and toggle quickly to a view of related files. And in terms of task navigation, not much has changed in comparison to the old Asana. In this regard, we’re happy with the redesign.

Micah Daigle explains the story behind the new Asana

Track Anything

The new Asana features a Track Anything function that lets users, well, track anything. You can read more why we love Asana and it’s existing features.