When You’re Too Small For Workday Rising

With the recent #workdayrising conference in Las Vegas and upcoming Workday Rising Europe conference, I wanted to share some of the amazing things Workday does for many different businesses — and what to do if yours falls into a very common service gap. What should your business do if you’re big enough to need custom software solutions for finance, HR, or other business needs, but too small for Workday?

What is Workday?

Workday serves large businesses with on-demand human resources and financial analysis enterprise software. Workday clients subscribe to their on-demand cloud software and receive quality assurance and dedicated customer support. The company is known for the speed of its enterprise applications, and for its ease of use — people have favorably compared Workday’s cloud-based software to be as easy to use as consumer programs. Workday also invests in client education to make sure that its users know how to take full advantage of its suite of software offerings.

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Workday Rising

Workday clients also have access to the Workday API at no additional charge through their subscription service. This last feature gives them the ultimate flexibility to program their own functions and native apps based on Workday’s software.

Businesses That Fall Through The Cracks

Things can get a little tricky for startups and other small to medium high-growth businesses — these are companies that are growing fast and need cloud based software, but don’t yet have the budget or company size to be appropriate for larger cloud software companies. Typically, these are startups that have received their first round of investment and are scaling up — they can either afford to bring on one or two new people without dramatically increasing their burn rate, or they can contract Accenture or Workday and take the burn rate through the roof. Another possible business that falls into this service gap is an established small or medium size business that’s reached a comfortable position in the market and needs to revamp their internal systems, without increasing costs by the minimum $100k needed to start a project with a big industry player like Workday.

Small Startups — Too Small For Workday Rising?

Workday’s solutions are very helpful, but businesses like theirs, or like Oracle or Accenture, usually don’t accept clients with fewer than 2000 employees, or who won’t have a project of at least $100k in their first year. This can put some companies in an awkward position — on the one hand, they’ve moved beyond the solopreneur stage and working with freelancers from Fiverr or Upwork is no longer logistically viable. On the other hand, while they need software to handle their finance and HR, they’re too small for companies like Workday.

So what’s the solution?Here is what you should be looking for!

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