Product Review: Opay/Oride

Eko Adetolani
Jun 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Oride(Opay) is an all-in-one mobile app that brings together motorbike ride hailing(Oride), mobile money(Opay) & fast food delivery(Ofood) services in one app. Opay was the first to launch in the Nigerian market after Opera’s acquisition of Paycom in 2017. Oride launched more recently in May 2019 while Ofood is still in beta development.

There has been a lot of buzz around the product since it launched and it’s easy to spot motorbike riders with the “P” logo on their helmets anywhere around Lagos.

I’ve used the app for about a month now and decided to write a review. My review will cover UI, UX, features & functionality.

Although the ios app isn’t out yet, you can download the Opay(Oride) Android app here

Industry: Mobile Money, Ride hailing/Transportation, Food delivery & logistics

Competition: Gokada,, Jumia Food, Eyowo, First Monie, Pocketmoni

  • Test Phone: Samsung A6+
  • OS: Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • App version:


The Opay(Oride) app has a simple layout which is predominantly white, grey and green in-line with the company’s brand colours. It features a bottom nav bar that makes it easy for users to reach the major sections of the app. It also uses a couple of cool icons to depict features within the app.

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of the UI. It seems a bit old, plain and some elements seem out of place. Some screens and design elements feel like they’re from another app.

I also believe some areas of the app might have been overlooked. Some text have grammatical errors and others are not user friendly.


Welcome/Verification email
Screen when trying to cancel a ride
The error message should be something like “Connection lost. Check your network connection and try again

Features & Functionality

The Opay(Oride) app features the core functionality of most mobile money & motorbike hailing apps. Apart from the basic features, I noticed a couple of features that I personally like on app. Some of them include:-

  1. Account balance display: I like that the app allows you show or hide your account balance. This is great for security reasons and also to help keep the self esteem of some users intact.
  2. Request for money feature (of course I like this): I like that users can request for money/payment from other Opay users. It can come in handy when splitting bills on a night out or engaging an elusive client.
  3. The in-app support section: This feature makes it possible for users to view FAQs and interact with the Opay(Oride) support team without leaving the app.
  4. The transaction history (probably my favourite feature): The app allows users not only view but also filter their transaction history based on categories (airtime, bill payments e.t.c) and status (successful, failed e.t.c). Users can also search for past transactions. It can really help give an overview of what you’re really spending on. It seems like a simple feature but a lot of Nigerian payment apps including mobile banking apps lack this feature.

Features I would like to see

  1. Scan to pay: I believe in 2019 it should be standard for all payment apps to have a scan to pay feature.
  2. Finger print login: I am quite surprised that there’s no finger print feature especially since the app requires a 6-digit PIN login as opposed to the 4-digit system most users are familiar with. I hope to see this in the nearest future.


The Opay(Oride) app shows a lot of promise and can easily become the No1 super app in Nigeria. The Opay(Oride)team just has to be more intentional with crafting great user experiences. The UI and app usability needs a lot of work... I hope to review it again some time in the near future and get a better user experience.

PS: I know this is not really a part of the app but I like that a couple of riders actually help you properly put on your Oride gear (helmet and raincoat). It creates a personal experience and ensures users stay safe during the ride. Shout out to Taiwo, my best rider so far.

What do you think about the Opay/Oride app? Share feedback or experiences below.

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Eko Adetolani

Written by

Product & user-centered design expert | Co-founder & Chief Lover Boy @vybeapp | Artist | Software Engineer | Lagos, Nigeria

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