Clearly, by your own admission then, words can hurt you.
Chris Albery-Jones

Abuse hurts. Words do not. You clearly cannot distinguish between name calling and abuse. Abuse has a physical component to it in that a person cannot or will not escape their abuser.

And yes, I am saying that maybe a little more effort needs to be done by those who are being abused to make an escape or stand up for themselves. If that FEELS insensitive to you, then maybe you need to grow up and trust that other people can handle their own shit if they make a concerted effort to do so. But some people THRIVE politically on their oppressed status, so maybe they just want things to stay the same… who knows what political prizes they can extract with their very public sense of suffering.

I’m not going to say this again. Knock it off with the “cis white male privilege” shit. It implies that everything I’ve done in my life has come easy. It has not. It suggests I’m inferior to others. I am not. If you want to know my identity, I am a PERSON, just like everyone else. You are calling me what I consider to be a slur against me when you say “privileged” or “cis white male” because we all know why people say those things. You want to bring me down with those words. Guess what, I’m better than that and therefore better than you.

Now have fun being superior to everyone else because you’ve bashed a “privileged cis white male”. Your humanitarian of the year award is in the mail.

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