This is adorable.

Don’t bother writing a rebuttal or even trying to millenialexplain “the world’s issues” to me, all you have to do, as the retarded SJW pawn you are is imply that I am an ignoramus and you can go home and watch TV knowing you have vanquished another foe.

If I am so wrong, why not make an argument, rather than calling me stupid? Is it because you really don’t have an argument so much as a laundry list of things other people have told you you should say? Are you a puppet of some political circle jerk of like-minded people who are so stuck in their own silly version of reality that they can’t even interact with the rest of civilization without their precious talking points?

It used to be the crazy religious right that drove me nuts with their absurd moralizing all the time. They tried to ban video games, got upset over nudity in movies and crass humor on TV and thought homosexuality was disgusting, and drugs are bad etc… Now, it is the left’s turn to play dipshits of the world. They hate “cis” men and don’t like jokes about anybody except white men. They want to censor everything they hear so that their precious little ears don’t pick up some bit of truth in an off color joke.

Look, life is more complicated than your simplistic world-view will allow. Men and women have sexual relationships and it is not always going to involve “yes” or “no” conversations about whether or not to have them. Not all black people are victims. Not all women are victims. Not all people who say they are victims are actually victims.

Reality does not conform to your world-view, just because you think you are “on the right side of history” or “woke” or whatever. The fact is, reality just doesnt have the capacity to give a shit about your precious little world-view. Reality is messy, because individuals have different points of view. If you can’t learn to live in reality, then it will probably kill you.

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