No, you don’t have to stick up for anyone. There is no law that forces you to do so.
Chris Albery-Jones

First of all, nobody is being fired for being gay. Name one specific case.

Secondly I’m okay with employers firing anyone for any reason. It is their company they should have the freedom to choose who they want working there. Now, is it irrational to fire someone for being gay? Yes. It’s down right stupid. But you can’t force people to associate with people they do not want to associate with.

I will defend individual liberty. I will not be a party to using government force to make people get along on the job or otherwise.

How would you like to be forced to hire a guy who wears a Nazi uniform on his weekends and wants to bring back Hitler? Would you fire him if you knew this? I would. And guess what, it’s his right to do those things, I just don’t want to associate with him.

Live life freely and allow others to do the same. That means something to me, but it doesn’t mean everyone has to like you or associate with you.

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