You Won’t Care About Gun Control Until Someone You Love Dies.
Abby Norman

Guns are not the problem murderers are and we have already made it illegal to murder people. In fact, it is so goddamn illegal to murder someone in this country, you might get put to death for doing it. Yet, somehow, people still murder other people. Now, you say, why do we sell guns to terrorists? Why do we sell guns to people on the no-fly list? Well, because we are a country that appreciates the value of due process, thats why.

If someone is an actual terrorist, then they should be arrested, but you need evidence to prove a crime has been committed. When people complain about Guantanamo because we are arresting people and keeping them in prison indefinitely and without due process, I tend to agree with them, because it is wrong to detain people without cause. Totalitarian regimes do that, not freedom loving people. But here we are now saying that because we SUSPECT a person is a terrorist, they should not be able to get a gun. Many people are on these no-fly lists, they are arbitrary lists conjured by politicians and law enforcement and have no force of law behind them and as such, we simply maintain them so we can keep an eye on people we suspect might want to do bad things, but since we have no evidence of wrongdoing or even a conspiracy to commit wrongdoings, then we cannot simply revoke some of their freedoms arbitrarily.

The same holds for people we THINK are insane. Being weird or holding odd views does not make someone criminally insane. Just because you think someone is mentally ill, does not mean they are and you cannot take away rights just because they give you the hee-bee-jee-bees.

Now onto the AR-15. Its a rifle, just like any other hunting rifle. It has no special powers, its popular because it is reliable. It fires one bullet with each pull of the trigger, just like a handgun. Its a glorified hunting rifle, not this super-weapon you seem to think it is. And, it is not the number one weapon for murder in America, its not even close. Most gun deaths are the result of handguns and the vast majority of these murders happen in cities like Chicago. These crimes are almost exclusively black on black crimes and are usually gang related. So, should we ban the sale of handguns to black people in Chicago? Chicago already has extremely strict gun laws, but yet, has an incredibly high gun crime rate. You blame mom and pop gun stores, but what about the black market?

Here is the thing, drugs like marijuana and coke are illegal, yet, somehow, people of all ages and all walks of life seem to be able to get them without difficulty, why? Because they are on the black market thats why. Where there is demand, there WILL be a market. And there are MILLIONS of guns already out there, so how will you kill the black market? If you ban certain people from buying guns in a store, they will buy them in a parking lot. Are you going to walk into the black ghetto and point a gun at black heads and demand they hand over their guns? If you don’t like how cops treat black people at a traffic stop, you’ll likely really hate what happens when you demand they surrender their only means of self defense in these areas.

So when people argue for stricter drug laws, people on the left rightly argue that stricter drug laws will fail because of black markets, yet, somehow, when guns are involved, those same people fail to see the same black markets in action. When people on the left argue that the war on drugs hurts minorities, they are right, but they fail to see how the war on guns might do the same. If you were to walk down the worst street in Chicago, at night, alone, would you not want a gun at your side to at least make potential baddies think twice before assaulting you? If you say no, I will call you a liar. And what about the people who live there? Don’t you think they want some form of protection just so they can walk home from work at night unmolested?

Here’s the thing, its easy to get angry when a mass shooting happens, but anger does not necessarily make your arguments right, in fact, it can cloud your judgement. Consider the mass shooter. On some level they are very angry about something, so angry in fact, that they are completely blind to just how irrational their decisions are. They are blinded by their rage, just as you are blinded by your rage when you call to have otherwise innocent people banned from buying something they have a legal right to own. Now, your anger does not manifest the same way as a mass shooters anger does, so don’t go off on a tirade because you think I am equating your anger with that of a terrorists rage, but at least take a moment to consider the parallels and perhaps learn not to demand policies while your mind is still blinded by anger and a slew of other strong emotions.

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