I have, as you requested, read the pieces you linked to.
Chris Albery-Jones

I am not suggesting that you cant change peoples minds. I am saying that I have limited interest in trying to change peoples minds for people who do not necessarily need my help.

I am tired of people telling me to take up the fight and defend the multitudes of “oppressed” groups out there. I am not your damn daddy, I am not going to step up to the bat every single time you FEEL slighted by some bigot out there. I have my own personal goals in life and making sure every special snowflake on the planet gets a rigorous defense of their minority lifestyle is NOT one of them.

Look, I believe in individual liberty. I believe EVERYONE, no matter how weird or different they are, deserves freedom. Being made fun of does not constitute a violation of ones freedom. Nor by the way, does being shunned by other individuals. Christians are free to shun gay people all day long as far as I am concerned. I don’t agree with them shunning people, but I agree that they are free to do so. A gay person is free NOT to associate with Christians, especially those who make fun of them or shun them. See, we are all free, but I am not going to go around browbeating all of the people who hate gay people into liking them. I have other priorities.

As far as my desires to convince other people of the virtues of individual liberty and the non-aggression principal are concerned, I do as much convincing as I can spare and most times I fail, but on the whole, I do not believe it is pointless. I just do not want to be recruited into the LGBTQ police.

And you know what, it is kinda frustrating to go around all day long espousing the beauty of pure liberty and then have someone come along and tell me I am not doing enough work. Every day, I am working the beauty of individual liberty into my every day conversations. I feel a little worn down when people dont get it and frankly, my efforts are extremely supportive of Gay rights, but I am not going to go out and fight other peoples fights for them. I will step in if something gets violent, because violence DOES inflict injury on ones liberty, but I am not a fighter and I will more than likely lose in a fight, so please dont expect me to do much at all in that regard.

If someone calls you a fag, you have three choices. Ignore them and move on, tell them off, or reason with them. A fourth option is violence, but I promise you, I will side with anybody who finds themselves being attacked before I help a gay person physically attack someone who called them a name.

Everyone is so worried about being called something, just grow up and learn to deal with reality. Reality is that people will always be out there who hate you and you cant change ALL of them and I am not going to spend my life fighting someone else’s battles.

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