I don’t think your argument holds water.
Chris Albery-Jones

No, I don’t have to stick up for anyone. First of all, I’m free to choose not to stick up for you and to be forced to do so means I am not free. I don’t accept that.

I never agreed to this social contract and no such thing exists.

Gay people in America are free just as free as everyone else. Marriage is not the hallmark of freedom, it’s simply a definition used by government for tax purposes. You want to be free to live with the one you love, go ahead, you are free to do so.

And nobody is coming for the gays. If anything, forcing bakery owners to bake cakes for gay people against their will is an assault on the freedoms of religious people. I defend Christian bakers just as often as I defend gay people. But I do it through the values of individual liberty. Not by being some crazy SJW cop.

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