The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

There is one important flaw with this whole situation. The people who voted for Trump DO NOT TRUST the media, the liberals or the bureaucrats in government. In fact, they hate these entities so much that they willingly and enthusiastically voted for a guy who made fun of a fucking Vietnam Veteran. That is dedication to a cause.

You may not like their cause, or even understand it, but you had better learn to recognize its existance and respect it. The press, the liberals and the bureaucrats of the “Deep State” are setting Trump up to be a fucking MARYTER to his voters. Trump is now in a no lose scenerio because of the bias.

Bias will and has manifested itself in some unhelpful ways. Here are some of them:

Exaggeration: It is one thing to have a piece of information and describe it as it is, it is another to take that information and blow it out of proportion. This is what happens day after day. Comey made a “note” to himself that Trump hopes to get past the Flynn saga somehow and while that sounds bad, it doesnt prove anything at all. In fact, we don’t even have a copy of said note yet, so at best this is a baseless accusation. It may be easy for people who are BIASED against Trump to BELIEVE that it is true and represents some kind of obstruction of justice, but reality does not always live up to our biases and beliefs. True or not, your biases are preventing you from having ANY credibility at all in this and other such matters, because reasonable people understand the nuances at play here and see through the hyperbolic statements being made by the BIASED media.

Bureaucratic Usurpation of Power: If the “Deep State” feels justified by their own biases to leak information for political gains, override lawful decrees and otherwise obstruct Trump’s agenda, they may make short term gains, they may even succeed in killing Trump’s presidency, but they will be the losers in the long run. Look, people voted for Trump because they were sick and tired of the ever-growing bureaucracy that has made everyday life in this country a hazard. People want their taxes lowered, they want less bureaucratic overreach, less red tape, fewer barriers to entry and whether or not Trump’s agenda is actually going to deliver that is not a matter of concern, they hope he will deliver that and they wont be pleased when the bureaucrats they hoped to rein in start acting up. If you think people were annoyed with government before Trump got elected, they will be doubling down on this anger when they see these types of shenanigans. If their political desires cannot be satisfied through the PEACEFUL transfer of power to their elected officials, then they will seek to purge even more of these fucking bureaucratic barnicals the next time around. If a peaceful transfer of power cannot be given to the people who elected Trump, then we will have a less than peaceful transfer. And YOU NEVER EVER FUCK WITH 2nd Amendment supporters. They outnumber the pussy hat brigade, they have more guns and they know how to use them.

Unhinged Politicians: When politicians express their biases they come across as unhinged and crazy. Say what you want about Trump’s demeanor, but people like Nancy Pelosi look equally ridiculous if not more so at times and they are in the minority. Whatever truth there is to their accusations will ultimately be undermined by the creidbility gap they have created via their unhinged behavior. People do not want to associate with these types, their craziness is not animating anybody other than the liberals who were already on board that same crazy train. Trump won over centrist democrats in the middle of the country BECAUSE they feel disconnected from the Democrats in power. Enhancing the craziness of the Democratic party is no way to win back the people they alienated. This will hurt Democrats in coming elections and further erode their power in D.C..

Violence: The protesters in the streets and on college campuses have grown unhinged due to their own biases. Shutting down speakers and calling them Nazi’s is the opposite of what one should be doing if in fact they are claiming to fight against facisim. In fact, shutting people down and using violent tactics to threaten dissenting points of view is almost by definition FACIST. So, I am not sure how that helps the cause, but the public display of unhinged and violent behavior on the part of radical leftists is not helpful to the cause. This sort of thing BOLSTERS Trump voters, it does not make them think twice about their decision. This type of thing also helps to alienate other reasonable centrists from your cause.

In the end, Trump wins no matter what. If the “Resistance” fails to kill his presidency, he will make every effort to enact his agenda, and if his agenda fails, which it may, he can blame the “Resistance” for most if not all of the failure. If the “Resistance” succeeds in ousting Trump, they will have only made him into a martyer in the eyes of his supporters and they will seek to destroy the “Resitance,” an act that may be less political and more direct than the “Resistance” is able to deal with.

There is a third path however and it may be the best for all parties involved, but I doubt that anyone involved in the “Resistance” can see past their own biases to even consider it.

The Third Path: Accept reality as it is. A president was elected by people with legitimate grievances against the government. Seek the truth, don’t let your biases or anger get in the way. Be level headed and try not to turn every nuanced situation into an apocalyptic nuclear explosion. Calm the violent people. Calm the crazies. Seek truth the way it was supposed to be sought, not through screaming contests and over-the-top headlines. If you are a government worker, do your job, don’t take matters into your own hand, follow the commands of your superiors. If you cant get past your own biases to do your job properly, then just fucking quit. NOBODY ELECTED YOU and if you think you are doing this for the people, just know that there are a lot of people who DONT WANT YOUR JOB TO EVEN FUCKING EXIST. Unfortunately, the well is already poisned. The liberals, the media and the “Deep State” have already shown their biases, their hatred for Trump is so plain that it practically radiates from their skin. The mood of this country right now does not support the “Resistance” not really. Unfortunately, too many people in media, on the left and in the “Deep State” still live in their little political bubble and they will only see things from the perspectives offered within that bubble. When the resistance turns either Trump, or his agenda into a martyr, these people will have the same look of shock and disbelief they had on election night and once again, they will flail and kick and scream until they destroy themselves completely.