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Yeah, you got me figured out. You know nothing about me. I’ve been fighting for individual liberty since before you were a dirty thought in your daddy’s head. I believe in absolute freedom for all humans. But the problem is people think freedom comes from government. Governments cannot give you freedom, they can only take it away. Forcing people to accept your lifestyle does not make you free, it only creates animosity between you and REAL bigots. I’ve spent more goddamn time trying to convince people that the best way to live is to live free and the only way to live freely is to allow others to do the same. But progressive people don’t care for freedom, they think everyone but them is too dumb for freedom so they seek to use government violence and coercion to FORCE everyone to CONFORM to their ideals.

Read up on libertarian ideals. Read up on the non-aggression principle. Read up on consequentialism. Read up on the unintended consequences of law. Read up on emergent self organization.

You tell me that “experts” know what racism is, and that tells me that you never really bothered to explore the concept yourself, you rely on “experts” and you parrot what they say. I bet you are pretty smart, but you need to use your own brain, come to your own conclusions and discover how the world really is to realize your full potential intelligence. I’m not going to give you links to the short list of ideas above, you have to look into them independently and honestly or else you will never really learn.

So, you have now a choice. Believe in experts and never question your worldview, or explore other possibilities and maybe learn to draw your own conclusions. When you start calling everyone who disagrees with you a bigot or a racist or a sexist or a homophobe you are basically telling them to shut up and trust you. You are shutting down communication and turning people away. You are excluding. Calling people bigots doesn’t win the argument it shuts it down, just as forcing real bigots to accept trans people doesn’t actually get them to accept trans people.

There is no harm in exploring libertarian ideas, unless you are so insecure in your own worldview that you are afraid to look beyond it.