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Spanish 64-year-old gives birth to healthy twins in Burgos

Women gives birth to male and female, healthy twins by a cesarean section. In the past few years two other Spanish women in their sixties have given birth as well. The twins are healthy, but may be taken into custody by social services due to the mothers history of child neglect.

Kim Jong-nam: More arrests over airport poisoning

The leader of North Korea’s half brother, Kim Jong-nam, was poisoned at a Malaysian airport on Monday. Despite the speculation that North Korean agents were behind the murder, currently a Vietnamese woman named Doan Thi Huong, and Indonesian Siti Aishah are in custody with suspected linking to the homicide.

Israel-Palestinian conflict: UN warns Trump over two-state reversal

President Trump went against the grain, shifting the traditional stance of a “two-state” framework in attempts to achieve peace for the Israel-Palestinian conflict. After eight years of conflict with the Obama administration, the Israeli government looks forward to harmoniously working with the Trump administration. The UN is not in favor of Trump moving away from the two-state reversal.

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