Inverted Pyramid Practice- Hiker

Last week, an experienced hiker was lost for four days with a broken leg after he attempted to climb the Appalachian trail all by himself.

The lone biology teacher, 39-year-old Will Henderson, had started hiking the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, but was discovered in Tennessee. Henderson was hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park around Gregory bald when he wandered off the main route.

A few hours after departing from the main trail, Henderson attempted to cross a stream and broke his leg. From then on he had to crawl his way through the terrain with a make-shift splint.

“I never doubted that I would be found. I got discouraged sometimes, but I figured that I had plenty of food and thought that if I could get back to a trail…somebody would come along before long” Henderson said.

After four days of crawling, pushing his 40-pound hiking pack in front of him, he made it back to the main part of trail and was found by two unnamed hikers.

Henderson stated that the thing that motivated when all he wanted to do was quit were the people that would be missing him, especially his family.

“I had several pictures of my wife and my two little girls. I looked at them a lot, especially when I got discouraged. I would spend a little time looking at those pictures, and then I would crawl a little bit more” Henderson said.

Henderson is not giving up on hiking the Appalachian.

“My goal is still to hike the entire trail, but I guess I’ll have to wait until I get my leg in shape” Henderson said.