An ode to the amount of minutes you wasted — that could have changed your life.

To those of you reading this whoever you are; from the high school computer evangelist avoiding homework, the hungover university student on a Sunday morning, or the casual adult on their morning commute, I welcome you all. I am writing this with the intent that it reaches any audience in which it will have an affect on.

Precursor: I am neither a scientist nor have I conducted research on this topic I am writing about. This is merely a collection of gut feelings for which I have experience with personally.


Time, in definition is a measure; of events, duration, or intervals, however anytime someone talks about time, it is only the fat that they do not have enough of it. This blog is not here to tell you how to gain more time or manage it more efficiently, just what to do with a small portion of it. To me time is a tool, the ultimate tool. It can be used to the advantage of the user to create effective change. Never moving in reverse it is constant and persistent, it allocates the same amount to each individual.

Most of us go about our lives routinely, comfortably repeating our events day to day going though the motions, the events might change but the outlines of the day remain familiar. For those of us whom a routine does not find fitting, still execute the day’s events in a timely order.

I am the same way, liking to be prepared and planned for the morning/day/week coming up however I am not the most organized person and forget to write down reminders for some things. I am spontaneous by nature which does not help either. The reason I am writing so much about the path our days go is because we often forget to include ourselves into those plans we make. We don't realize that we exclude our own selves from the plans of things we need to take care of.


As college senior I have a schedule in which most of you are familiar with, classes span my weekdays along side work and other obligations, leaving time for the crammed meals, socializing with friends, meetings, and still showering daily. Most like me maintain a busy schedule — not to say it is a bad thing, I often prefer to be busy than not. I was taking care of all the things I needed to do. Happy as anyone I was content with who I was and the way in which my life was going.

What was I actually doing for myself though?

This does not have to do with happiness or health, but it can affect both.

Happiness from my experience is like an ocean (excuse the cliché) like the big base of the ocean is does not move, you are either happy or not. Your mood is temporary, however long, like the waves go up and down reflecting your happiness.

Health is both physical and mental and what you determine to do with you time greatly affects it.

I started incorporating myself into my daily routine, not because I though I was stressed or anything, just to be considerate of myself as well.

Some days I

  1. Spent 10 mins in the morning just sort of “meditating”, really thinking about nothing.
  2. Spent 10 mins closing myself off, and just enjoyed an music I haven't listen to in a while.
  3. Spent 10 mins reviewing my goals and accomplishments
  4. Spent 10 mins just walking around outside
  5. Spent 10 mins doing a completely brainless task

I did not do all these in one day, or even everyday. Just sometimes when I reminded myself.

I was happy. Happy doing nothing. Nothing relaxed me even when I didn't think I needed to be relaxed.

Do nothing for 10 minutes, help yourself.