One Intern’s Monologue.

5 Take-a-Ways.

Acclimating to the high paced life of a digital marketer. (Video)

During my last semester of college, alongside graduation requirements, extracurricular commitments, and relentless happy hours, I had the amazing opportunity to learn what digital marketing was all about through an innovative rotational internship.

  1. Relationships — From the new hire, account manager, to the president these industry experts and influencers are here to aid you. You have the opportunity to speak and develop a friendship with people whose blogs you might have been following, or whose marketing campaign you may have admired. These people hold in esteem an intern who is also a student, willing to learn from people who have already put in the work, and they are willing help you explore the industry. Networking is not just an event you can attend once in a while it’s a constant effort to connect with people who are where you want to be.
  2. Adapt — Digital marketing changes constantly from algorithms to campaign styles, being able to take criticism and embrace it to make your next work project better is what being an intern is all about.
  3. Fun — Work / Life balance is hard to achieve especially in marketing. Taking time to appreciate the things that make you happy will make you more productive all around. Take time to volunteer, listen or speak at a local event, start a funny email thread at work, or simply take some time to be creative.
  4. Question — If you don’t ask you don’t get or know. Your co-workers, team members, and mentors are waiting for you to ask those burning questions. Emails: they are the lifelines of most teams and organizations, stay on top of yours, be consistent, and always answer with urgency. Sign up for threads, learning communities, and postings on the industry you wish to get more insight/current events about.
  5. End Goals — or more specifically objectives, these are goals with specific end dates on what you want to achieve. For me learning about the industry, and getting hard skill experience was my top priority. By the end of the internship I wanted to be certified on the platforms we worked on, and complete all the intern projects I was assigned to work on with quality.
A video about my “typical” day working as an intern for Seer Interactive in Philadelphia.
“We want to hire the best talent, and the point isn’t to keep them forever, but see what they can do. Than get them to where they want to be in life.”
-Wil Reynolds, Founder @ Seer Interactive

Elad Schor.